Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers ©
Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers ©Wisconsin Society of Professional Engineers ©

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WSPE Board of Directors
Board Members are elected annually.

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BEPR - Board of Engineers Professional Responsibility
Glen Schwalbach, PE, F.NSPE

Blue Arrow EFW - Engineers Foundation of Wisconsin, Inc.
Steve Berg, P.E.

Blue Arrow YEAC - Young Engineer Advisory Council
(Position Open)

Blue Arrow Interest Group Construction
Jim Rosenmerkel, P.E.
Blue Arrow Interest Group Higher Education
Phil O'Leary, Ph.D, P.E.

Blue Arrow Interest Group Government

Blue Arrow Interest Group Private Practice
Dale R. Swenson, P.E.

Blue Arrow Interest Group Industry
Open Position

Blue Arrow Fox River Valley Chapter State Director
Russ Kopidlanksy, P.E.

Blue Arrow Metro Chapter State Director
Jon Schapekahm, PE

Blue Arrow Northwest Chapter State Director
Brad Volker, P.E.

Blue Arrow Southeast Chapter State Director
Gene Olson, P.E.

Blue Arrow Southwest Chapter State Director
David McDermid, PE

Blue Arrow Western Chapter State Director
Mark Davy, P.E.

Blue Arrow Wisconsin Valley Chapter State Director
Archie Becher, PE; President

If you have questions, please contact us at info@wspe.org or call us at 414.531.1129.

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